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Whole House Fan

A whole house fan is installed in a home's ceiling, and designed to suck hot air out of the home. A whole house fan can significantly lower the temperature in a home very quickly, and is much less expensive to operate than air conditioning.


Exhaust fans come in a variety of sizes and styles. You may have exhaust only or combine it with a light source or a heat/light source. Exhaust fans are rated in two ways. CFM (cubic feet “of air” moved per minute) and sones ( a unit measurement of sound). The more CFM, the more air movement. The less sones, the quieter the fan. Keeping your budget in mind, the higher CFM’s and lower sones equals higher fan cost. The N.E.C. requires any bathroom without a window and any laundry room without proper ventilation to have an exhaust fan. Our expert electricians can help you to choose the right size and proper location for you exhaust fan. See design tips.
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Wilson Electric is the #1 ceiling fan installer in Orange County, California.

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Wilson Electric is the #1 ceiling fan installer in Orange County, California
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 National Electrical Code has some important rules for ceiling fan installations, since they are heavy fixture.

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